About Miniflex

Miniflex designs fibre protection products and markets them to an international customer base. The company is based in Suffolk, UK, and has two manufacturing locations.

Miniflex was established in 1994, co-founded by Tony Stockman and Peter Jenkins. The business started trading as a research and development company in 1994, specialising in the development of fibre optic access networks. Technical Director Peter Jenkins was formally at BT and designed the BT Access Network. Managing Director Tony Stockman is also CEO of Miniflex, M2FX and Minima Design. Together, Peter and Tony bring years of design experience to the team, making Miniflex an authority on fibre protection technologies.

Innovation through new product development has helped Miniflex expand its range of products and solutions over the years. This has kept the company at the forefront of fibre protection technology. The long-term protection given by Miniflex products will ensure your service stays reliable. This in turn will help you keep your customers satisfied.

Today, there are millions of metres of Miniflex deployed in cars, and millions more protecting valuable networks for blue chip customers across the world.

Company Details

Miniflex are registered in England and Wales; registration No. 2835942.

Miniflex’s registered office address is: The Technology Centre, Station Road, Framlingham, Suffolk, IP13 9EZ

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