Posted by: miniflex | March 29, 2010

If Superfast broadband is the electricity of the digital age….

Gordon Brown’s Building Britain’s Digital Future speech last Monday raised a few eyebrows with hopes of leading the world in the digital economy.

The key point is; that to make the most of everything the web can provide, everybody must be connected to it.
Not connected with slow, unreliable connections, but connected as they are to the electricity and water supply.
The web has proved that thanks to some of the most creative people in the world, the technology available online will always surpass our expectations. Not only will it do this, but with the advent of readily, reliably accessible data in the right hands, efficiency of government and business will improve dramatically.

So, how to enable it?

The answer is very simple. Provide a solid infrastructure based on the reliable power of optical fibre and the web will grow to fill it.

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  1. Too right! ubiquitous fibre, to everyone. They can then buy as much as they want or need, just like with all the other utilities. Simple.
    Obsolete copper phone networks can not deliver Next Gen. Moral fibre needed too, in order to make IT happen. FinalThirdFirst.

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