Posted by: miniflex | July 9, 2009

Miniflex aligned with consumer broadband demands according to recent research results

Miniflex, the leading vendor of optical fibre protection, management and installation solutions, is delighted with the results of a recent research project that supports its Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTx) solution set. Miniflex already has an established customer base across the globe but the results bear out that demand for high-speed internet grows continuously whilst the business pressures of rolling out the necessary infrastructure remain challenging.

The report was conducted by the FTTH Council North America ( and highlights the fact that “the most satisfied broadband users in the US are those that have a direct fibre connection to their homes”. The report goes onto say that “Having a fibre connection was rated as one of the five most important amenities to have in a new home with 82% of FTTH subscribers saying that “very high speed Internet” would be an important factor in buying a new home”.

Miniflex’s Fibre-from-the-Home solution is designed to deliver service providers with an economic, fast and easy-to-deploy method for connecting subscribers with its QuikPush™ and DVC™ Microduct products.

As the demand for high speed data connection increases, more and more Telco’s, property developers, building owners and other service providers are turning to Miniflex for their subscriber connection. For more information on the Miniflex FTTx Solution please contact: Paul Ekpenyong at or Scot Bohaychyk at

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For the full version on the FTTH Council North America survey please go to:

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